There are actually a lot of advantages of sealcoating the asphalt of your parking lot and driveway. The sealcoating is more of a preventative maintenance for the parking lot or driveway, same to how you maintain the paint of your home in order to keep your home from deterioration and fast aging. Sealcoating seals tiny cracks which can eventually turn into bigger cracks as well as prevents moisture from penetrating through the base materials. In addition to that, the black color of a newly enforced sealcoat improves its appearance of old and new asphalt, and that makes your parking lot or your driveway appear to be close to brand new.

The Benefits of Sealcoating 

Sealcoating can maintain the flexibility of the asphalt surfaces and aid hide rough spots, small cracks and patches, and also, making the traffic lines on driveways and parking lots a lot visible. Sealcoating when applied accordingly makes the driveway appear cleaner because the rain washes debris and dirt easily away from smooth surface. Another sealcoating benefit is, it helps protect asphalt from the heat of the sun and harmful effects of the chemical spills like gasoline and engine oil, both of these are very common on the parking lot and driveway. This is the reason why a lot of commercial and residential property owners choose to hire professional sealcoating in Springfield Ohio. 

Sealcoating the asphalt fills surface voids that decreases exposure to UV rays and oxygen as well as decreases the depth to which the gas or oil may penetrate the asphalt. Aside from that, sealcoating costs are lower compared to the need for repair or replacement of the damaged asphalt. The penetration of the water into the asphalt only speeds up its deterioration and is highly related to distress of the asphalt. 

 Decreases Water Damage 

Sealcoating serves as a waterproofing element that minimizes the rate to which the moisture enters through the asphalt. Sealcoating the asphalt prevents seepage of moisture and water from the snow and rain, hence, preventing damage brought about by the freeze thaw cycles that is a very common reason your parking lot or driveway starts forming small cracks. As a matter of fact, it also resists chemical, salt, oils, gas and diesel fuel penetration that will deteriorate the bond between the liquid asphalt and the aggregate. 

 Slowing Oxidation 

Because the asphalt pavement gives a very poor resistance to sunlight and UV rays, it starts to break down as an outcome of oxidation – exposure to sun and air – as soon as it is built. Oxidation accelerates the aging of the asphalt pavement therefore preventing the oxidation process could only mean extension to the pavement life. Thus, sealcoating slows down oxidation. 

 Improving the Appearance of the Pavement 

There is no question that the sealcoating improves the asphalt pavement’s appearance. This is also one of the main reasons why some property owners have their asphalt pavement seal coated once every year. Most of the property owners consider their parking lots as the welcome mats of their property that is why they invest some of their money in order to make their welcome mats as presentable as possible.