The asphalt sealcoating is basically an inexpensive process which can be used to make the life of a pavement longer as well as protecting it from erosion. In addition to that, the sealcoating may be done on any surface of the asphalt of ninety days old and is suggested as a part of comprehensive maintenance projects. Sealcoating includes applying a one of a kind formulated fluid coating over an existing surface of asphalt. When the fluid hardens, it coats the asphalt from adverse elements such as the chemicals, normal usage as well as the weather. 

In addition to that, the sealcoating also slows down oxidation process, preventing the chemicals and water from passing through the surface and is very easy to clean as well. While the asphalt overlays and the replacements are suggested for the surface during the end of its life, the sealcoating is ten times less expensive and there is a possibility that it may double its life.  

The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating  

While the sealcoating along may sometimes seal relatively shallow and small cracks, the crack sealing should actually be performed on bigger cracks in order to prevent the water from penetrating beneath the asphalt. As a matter of fact, the sealcoating process is like placing a paint coating on your home. The outcome will be the same, a quite shiny surface which prevents wear, water or spills from reaching the inside of your home and also, protects it against the damaging sun. Not like the paint on your home, the sealcoating wears out quickly. Nonetheless, an inexpensive and easy crack fill and sealcoat once every 2 to 4 years can actually prevent some other asphalt maintenance for many years to come. It is by far the perfect and the most cost-effective method of maintaining the asphalt over a long period of time.  

Kinds of Asphalt Sealers  

The most popular and common asphalt sealer on the market is the coal tar sealer. As a matter of fact, it provides a very long-lasting shiny finishing and is weather-resistant as well. Like the name suggests, the coal tar sealer contains an ample amount of the coal tars combined with some strengthening additives and other polymers.  

Fast-dry sealer is meant to patch up driveways with high traffic like the parking lots and primary roads heading to public areas like the hospitals, gas stations, schools, and churches. The perfect thing about the use of the fast-dry sealer is that it curates within an hour or less.  

The asphalt emulsion sealer is an asphalt-based and also known to be an environmentally-friendly alternative to keeping your driveway protected.  

You may contact a professional and qualified concrete sealcoating service provider in order for you to have a quality sealcoat or blacktop driveway in order to make sure that the great standard of work, as well as your safety, is provided. You might invest some amount of money but it is somehow worth it, however, the service provider should be honest to you at all times that all the projected expenses and paperwork are being presented to you.